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update TODO, rename ignoreds -> ignores

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-* make "pydoc rerun" work
+* change implementation to get changed files then filter out ignoreds.
+* --ignore should accept globs. This would allow combination of SKIP_DIR
+  and SKIP_EXT into single 'IGNORES' list.
 * upload doc (readme?) to read the docs
-* use py2app
-* use py2exe
-* use Linux exe bundle.
+* use py2app, create an OSX binary.
+* use py2exe, create a Windows binary.
+* create a Linux binary.
+* bundle Linux binary into a deb or rpm
-def skip_file(filename, ignoreds):
+def skip_file(filename, ignores):
     return (
-        any(os.path.basename(filename) == i for i in ignoreds) or
+        any(os.path.basename(filename) == i for i in ignores) or
         any(filename.endswith(skip) for skip in SKIP_EXT)
     return False
-def changed_files(ignoreds):
+def changed_files(ignores):
     Walks subdirs of cwd, looking for files which have changed since last
     changed = []
     for root, dirs, files in os.walk('.'):
-        skip_dirs(dirs, ignoreds)
+        skip_dirs(dirs, ignores)
         for filename in files:
             fullname = os.path.join(root, filename)
-            if skip_file(fullname, ignoreds):
+            if skip_file(fullname, ignores):
             if has_file_changed(fullname):
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