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+novncgo: noVNC
 	go build
 	cd novncgo-passwd && go build
+## novncgo - a go wrapper for noVNC
+novncgo is a web application that supports remote access to multiple computers
+from a single web-application. Users are logged in with a password and may
+connect to a list of VNC-servers in the LAN using the [noVNC](http://kanaka.github.com/noVNC)
+Javascript VNC client.
+### Supported browsers
+* Modern Firefox
+* Chrome
+### Building
+git, hg, golang.
+     `make`
+### Setting up
+Build a file of passwords:
+    `novncgo-passwd/novncgo-passwd novncgo.passwd <my-username>`
+Build a file of servers,
+    `cp novncgo.servers.example novncgo.servers`
+    `vi novncgo.servers`
+Add an user called novncgo.
+And finally run it:
+    `(cd /path/to/novncgo && su -c "nohup ./novncgo --hostname=foobar.example.com > log" novncgo &)`


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