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dgc  committed 7cb309f

download: add a /manual.dat file

Currently berkwood.com has no published latest.dat file, so converting
hg-website to the use of sources.js would eliminate Macintosh packages
from the website. Providing a /manual.dat file allows the hg-website
maintainers to provide packages to mpm for construction of sources.js.
It's front-loaded with current berkwood packages from the old data file.

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+10	1.7.1	.*Macintosh.*10.6.*	http://mercurial.berkwood.com/binaries/Mercurial-1.7.1-py2.6-macosx10.6.zip	Mercurial 1.7.1 for MacOS X 10.6
+10	1.7.1	.*Macintosh.*10.5.*	http://mercurial.berkwood.com/binaries/Mercurial-1.7.1-py2.5-macosx10.5.zip	Mercurial 1.7.1 for MacOS X 10.5