Tavis Rudd


A command line wrapper around pylint, pyflakes and pep8.py that can be used either standalone or in conjunction with Emacs' flymake or comint modes.


This is a 'work in progress' extraction of some code that I've been using in my personal/work projects. It's missing some of the original tests and docs at the moment.


Notes and resources for the second Vancouver R Users Group meetup.


My personal .emacs.d


This module is a rant (with code) encouraging Python developers to consider using pure Python for HTML generation rather than always using template languages. Read the module docstring for the rest of this rant. The temporary name is an ode to Ian Bicking's blog post 'Throw out your frameworks' (http://blog.ianbicking.org/2010/03/01/throw-out...). The ideas and code in it are an echo of what Stan, Breve, and various lisp libraries have been doing for a long time.