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 Author: Tavis Rudd
-Date: 2011-05-17 16:59:09 PDT
+Date: 2011-05-17 17:03:03 PDT
 Table of Contents
 8 You - collaborate on some basic exercises 
-  [https://bitbucket.org/tavisrudd/r\_users\_group\_2/src/tip/exercises/README.org]
+  [https://bitbucket.org/tavisrudd/r\_users\_group\_2/src/tip/exercises/README.txt]
   Please work in teams with people you haven't met before.
   If you are experienced with R, help others.
-  [https://bitbucket.org/tavisrudd/r\_users\_group\_2/src/tip/exercises/README.org]: https://bitbucket.org/tavisrudd/r_users_group_2/src/tip/exercises/README.org
+  [https://bitbucket.org/tavisrudd/r\_users\_group\_2/src/tip/exercises/README.txt]: https://bitbucket.org/tavisrudd/r_users_group_2/src/tip/exercises/README.txt
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