BSG IP Cores Repository

This repository contains IP cores targeting IC designs for various purposes.
Generally components should be prefixed with "bsg_" to indicate their origin.

* config_net (also known as bsg_lutag)

This configuration network is composed of config\_nodes in a tree topology. The
network can be used to deliver proper values to other IP instances that demands
specific inputs for internal mode configurations. The network can uses a
different clock than the targeting IP instances, and is designed to be reliable
when cross clock domains.

* bsg_guts

sample bsg node integrating comm_link, and bunch of bsg_test_nodes

* bsg_async

This is for asynchronous building blocks, like the bsg_async_fifo, synchronizers, and credit counters.

* bsg_misc

Small, miscellaneous building blocks, like counters, reset timers, gray to binary coders, etc.

* bsg_fsb

Bsg front side bus modules; also murn interfacing code.

* bsg_comm_link

Source synchronous communication interface. (Also used as FPGA bridge).
* bsg_dataflow

For standalone modules involved in data plumbing. E.g. two-element fifos, fifo-to-fifo transfer engines,
sbox units, compare_and_swap, and array pack/unpack.

* bsg_test

Data, clock, and reset generator for test benches.

* testing

Mirrors the other directories, with tests.

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