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Welcome! You've found the system documentation for ChitChat, a new programming language heavily inspired by Smalltalk. At this point, ChitChat is only in the requirements and design phase, and if there is any code at all it's not suitable for any actual use. But feel free to look around and see how things are shaping up.

Why Another Language?

I'm a programming language dilettante.

Smalltalk has a lot of really nice features. Indeed, it was quite ahead of its time. But some of the concepts I find antithetical to the modern development lifecycle. Unlike most Smalltalk systems, I find it most beneficial to keep my source code in separate files to be stored under version control. I also want to build projects so that they produce "executables" with the minimum number of dependencies (not a single monolithic image). These might be possible in some Smalltalk implements, I don't know, but I wanted to set out to create what I could. And learn a lot in the process.