Taylor Venable committed 31549cf

Force binding of certain slots

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 (define-method (initialize (self <http-request>) . rest)
+  (if (not (slot-bound? self 'method))
+    (error "missing required option #:method"))
+  (if (not (slot-bound? self 'location))
+    (error "missing required option #:location"))
+  (case (slot-ref self 'method)
+    ((get post) #t)
+    (else (error "unsupported method:" (slot-ref self 'method))))
   (if (string? (slot-ref self 'location))
     (slot-set! self 'location (string->uri (slot-ref self 'location)))))
   (body     #:init-keyword #:body))
 (define-method (display (req <http-request>) out)
-  (format out "GET ~a HTTP/1.1\r\n\r\n" (uri-path (slot-ref req 'location))))
+  (format out "~a ~a HTTP/1.1\r\n\r\n"
+    (case (slot-ref req 'method)
+      ((get) "GET")
+      ((post) "POST"))
+    (uri-path (slot-ref req 'location))))
 (define (http-get request)
   (let ((sock (http-connect location))
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