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+<italic>The First Thousand-Year Empire</italic>
+by Taylor Venable
+The plan for the first thousand-year Empire of Earth was initiated by a private
+organization, founded by some of the richest scientific industrialists of the
+20th century. In the closing years of World War II it became obvious that in no
+society or government would willingly give up its position of power to
+accomodate the needs of the world at large. In order to create a stable global
+civilization that would be capable of expanding into space and beyond the solar
+system, a new form of government would be required.
+Essential to the long-term success of this project was a set of supercomputers,
+referred to simply as the Arbiters. Originally stemming from research on
+artificial intelligence and simulation, the Arbiters were an isolated network of
+thousands of nodes, controlled by supernodes which communicated between each
+At its outset, the Empire was to be ruled by a council of technocratic leaders,
+five in number. The initial group was chosen by project leaders from a
+population selected by the Arbiters. These council members would rule for a term
+of ten years; long enough to get work done, but not long enough to provide a
+vehicle for domination. At the end of their term, the council would select their
+successors from a list provided by the Arbiters.
+As time goes by, the Arbiters provide a smaller and smaller list of candidates
+each time, as their ability to select the correct candidate improves. Also,
+terms get longer to match the increasing success of the Arbiters' decisions.
+Similarly, in all decisions made by the council, evidence and advice provided by
+the Arbiters gradually transcends those choices made by the council, until the
+council is essentially powerless.
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