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#+TITLE: OCaml Guide: Introduction
#+AUTHOR: Taylor Venable
#+OPTIONS: H:6 toc:2

* What is this?

Books are a very helpful way to learn a new programming language. But books typically require
somebody to write them, and somebody to publish them. Newer or less popular languages often don't
receive the attention they deserve from publishers, so they tend not to have nice books which new
programmers can learn from. This is detrimental to the growth of the language, making it even less
appealing for publishers. Of course, with this being the Internet age, we can help that somewhat.

The idea for this little electronic book originated with Miran Lipovača, who wrote /Learn You a
Haskell for Great Good!/ Frederic Trottier-Hebert extended this idea to Erlang with /Learn You Some
Erlang/. Another source of inspiration is /Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby/.

Basically, OCaml is a complex but awesome language with a complex but awesome toolchain. Examples
can be hard to come by, good ones that are easy to digest even more rare.
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