Taylor Venable committed 056b5bd

Remove list library function.

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 (tcv-require '(geometry io list))
-(define list-gather
-  (lambda (l n)
-    (if (not (positive? n))
-      (error "group count must be more than zero"))
-    (let loop ((lst l) (result '()) (tmp '()) (i 0))
-      (cond ((null? lst)
-             (if (= (length tmp) n)
-               (reverse (cons (reverse tmp) result))
-               (reverse result)))
-            ((= i n)
-             (loop lst (cons (reverse tmp) result) '() 0))
-            (else (loop (cdr lst) result (cons (car lst) tmp) (+ i 1)))))))
 (define x-coord car)
 (define y-coord cadr)
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