project-euler / OCaml /

 **                                                                          **
 **  Project Euler #23                                                       **
 **                                                                          **
 **  Copyright (c) 2010, Taylor Venable.  All rights reserved.               **
 **  Released under the terms of the simplified (2-clause) BSD license.      **
 **                                                                          **

include List
include TaylorList
include TaylorNumber
include TaylorMisc

open TaylorMisc

module Euler023 : sig
  val is_abundant : int -> bool
end = struct
  let sum l = List.fold_right (fun (n, m) b -> n + m + b) l 0
  let is_abundant n =
    if TaylorNumber.is_prime n then
      sum (TaylorNumber.factors n) > n
  let solution () =
    List.filter (not <<- is_abundant) (TaylorList.iota 1 28123);;
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