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Online Appendix

This online repository provides an Appendix for a paper currently under revision. The repository contains qualitative and quantitative datasets, analysis tools, and pointers to further details about concepts used in the paper.


Within-Case Descriptions

Detailed within-case write-ups are available in the folder qualitative%20data/ (file doc_cases.pdf), supported by slides.

Dependency Metamodel

Relationships in our dependency metamodel are further detailed in Section of [1].

Static Analysis of Android Bytecode

Technical details of our Android ecosystem mining are available in Appendix B.4 of [1].

Estimation Details and Additional Statistics

We provide details about our estimations on ecosystem scales and growth rates in Appendix B.1 of [1].

Additional statistics and diagrams of the quantitative analysis of dependency structures are available in Appendix B.5 of [1].


We provide both raw datasets and synthesized datasets (CSV files) of all our subjects eCos, Linux kernel, Debian, Eclipse, and Android. These are available under datasets/ , and detailed in Appendix B.3 of [1].

Mining Tools

All our ecosystem mining tools are available.


<<Anchor(ref1)>> [1] Thorsten Berger, Variability Modeling in the Real, Ph.D. thesis, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Leipzig, 2013, available at