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kmlutils - utils for KML files

The purpose of this project is to provide functions for XML-based "visual" file formats. Main Focus is KML, SVG and GraphML file formats.

The main functionality of this project is a tool for converting SVG files into KML files. Currently it (svg2kml) partially converts polygons (tbrugz.geo.SVG2KML)

This project also provides a conversion tool for SVG to GraphML (tbrugz.geo.SVG2GraphML)

The project's wiki also have some useful information.

Author: Telmo Brugnara <>

License: GNU Lesser General Public License

svg2kml howto

  • build with ant
  • copy to
  • edit, set "svgin", "kmlout", "maxX", "minX", "maxY", "minY" properties
  • (optional) edit to set constant parts to be inserted in the KML file
  • (optional) edit to translate IDs from the SVG file to the KML file
  • run java -cp dist/svg2kml.jar;lib/commons-logging-1.1.1.jar;lib/log4j-1.2.15.jar tbrugz/geo/SVG2KML

svg2graphml howto

  • similar to svg2kml ;) but you have to edit
  • run java -cp dist/svg2kml.jar;lib/commons-logging-1.1.1.jar;lib/log4j-1.2.15.jar tbrugz/geo/SVG2GraphML


  • jdk 1.5
  • log4j (included)
  • commons-logging (included)
  • ant (not included - build only)

Running - classes with main()

  • tbrugz.geo.SVG2KML (main)
  • tbrugz.geo.SVG2GraphML
  • tbrugz.geo.test.Test
  • tbrugz.xml.test.Test

Included media

Municipalities_of_RS.svg originated from: licensed under:

SantaCatarina_MesoMicroMunicip_municipios.svg originated from: licensed under:

Brazil_Labelled_Map_v2.svg originated from: licensed under:

KML Schema - urls