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     <property name="manifest.version"     value="1.0"/>
     <property name="manifest.mainclass"   value="net.sf.pdfsplice.PDFSplice"/>
-	<property name="manifest.classpath"   value="iText-5.0.1.jar bcprov-jdk15-133.jar"/>
+	<property name="manifest.classpath"   value="itextpdf-5.1.3.jar bcprov-jdk15-146.jar"/>
 	<loadproperties srcfile=""/>
 	    	<include name="*.jar"/>
+	<fileset id="jar.classes" dir="${compile.dir}">
+		<include name="net/sf/pdfsplice/*.class"/>
+		<include name="net/sf/pdfsplice/uiutil/**.class"/>
+		<include name="net/sf/pdfsplice/sign/**.class"/>
+	</fileset>
     <target name="prepare">
         <property environment="env"/>
     <target name="jar" depends="compile">
         <jar jarfile="${dist.dir}/pdfsplice.jar"
-            basedir="${compile.dir}"
-            includes="net/sf/pdfsplice/**.class, net/sf/pdfsplice/uiutil/**.class">
+            basedir="${compile.dir}">
+        	<fileset refid="jar.classes"/>
 				<attribute name="Manifest-Version" value="${manifest.version}"/>
 				<attribute name="Implementation-Title" value="PDF Splice"/>
 	<target name="jar.all-in-one" depends="compile">
-		<jar id="files" jarfile="${dist.dir}/pdfsplice.allinone.jar">
+		<jar jarfile="${dist.dir}/pdfsplice.allinone.jar">
 				<attribute name="Manifest-Version" value="${manifest.version}"/>
 				<attribute name="Implementation-Title" value="PDF Splice"/>
 				<attribute name="Implementation-Version" value="${version}"/>
 				<attribute name="Main-Class" value="${manifest.mainclass}"/>
-			<fileset dir="${compile.dir}" includes="net/sf/pdfsplice/**.class, net/sf/pdfsplice/uiutil/**.class"/>
-			<zipfileset src="${lib.dir}/iText-5.0.1.jar" includes="**/*.class, *.properties"/>
-			<zipfileset src="${lib.dir}/bcprov-jdk15-133.jar" includes="**/*.class, *.properties"/>
+			<fileset refid="jar.classes"/>
+			<zipfileset src="${lib.dir}/itextpdf-5.1.3.jar" includes="**/*.class, *.properties"/>
+			<zipfileset src="${lib.dir}/bcprov-jdk15-146.jar" includes="**/*.class, *.properties"/>
     <target name="dist"
-            depends="jar">
+            depends="jar, jar.all-in-one">
     	<copy todir="${dist.dir}">
     		<fileset dir="${lib.dir}" includes="*.jar"/>
-	<target name="all" depends="dist, test">
+	<target name="all" depends="version, dist, test">
-    <target name="version" 
-            depends="compile"
+    <target name="version"
 	    description="Prints some info about the Ant version and the OS/JDK used">
         <echo message="Ant version=${ant.version}"/>
         <echo message="JDK=${java.vm.version} on ${} ${os.version}"/>

File src/

+# Properties file which configures the operation of the JDK 
+# logging facility.
+# The system will look for this config file, first using 
+# a System property specified at startup: 
+# >java -Djava.util.logging.config.file=myLoggingConfigFilePath 
+# If this property is not specified, then the config file is 
+# retrieved from its default location at: 
+# JDK_HOME/jre/lib/
+# Global logging properties. 
+# ------------------------------------------ 
+# The set of handlers to be loaded upon startup. 
+# Comma-separated list of class names. 
+# (? LogManager docs say no comma here, but JDK example has comma.) 
+# Default global logging level. 
+# Loggers and Handlers may override this level 
+# Loggers 
+# ------------------------------------------ 
+# Loggers are usually attached to packages. 
+# Here, the level for each package is specified. 
+# The global level is used by default, so levels 
+# specified here simply act as an override.
+# Handlers 
+# -----------------------------------------
+# --- ConsoleHandler --- 
+# Override of global logging level