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queryon: small changes

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 import tbrugz.sqldump.def.DBMSResources;
 import tbrugz.sqldump.def.SchemaModelGrabber;
 import tbrugz.sqldump.util.ParametrizedProperties;
+import tbrugz.sqldump.util.StringDecorator;
 import tbrugz.sqldump.util.Utils;
 			model = modelGrabber(prop);
 			dsutils = new DumpSyntaxUtils(prop);
+			log.debug("quote:: "+DBMSResources.instance().getIdentifierQuoteString());
+			SQL.sqlIdDecorator = new StringDecorator.StringQuoterDecorator(DBMSResources.instance().getIdentifierQuoteString());
 		} catch (Exception e) {
 			throw new ServletException(e);


 import org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory;
 import tbrugz.queryon.QueryOn.LimitOffsetStrategy;
-import tbrugz.sqldump.SQLUtils;
 import tbrugz.sqldump.dbmodel.Query;
 import tbrugz.sqldump.dbmodel.Relation;
 import tbrugz.sqldump.dbmodel.Table;
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