Over the last decade I have created code and libraries for a variety of technical problems. These include artificial intelligence, physics, statistics, animation, cryptography, etc. This library is my attempt to bring all these various technical code pieces into a single library for use across a wide variety of problems including game development - where the union of many of the above problems are encountered - or other issues that require technical code.


Test cases for AI are non-deterministic. Thus, AI test cases may fail. This is particularly true for test cases that use random greedy training.

Code for AI applications including:
1. Dijkstra's Algorithm
2. Group Behavior Algorithms
3. K-Means Clustering
4. Training with Greedy Random Walk
5. Training with Hill Climbing
6. Radial Basis Function Networks
7. General AI code
8. Genetic Algorithms
9. Traveling Salesman Problem


Functions for dealing with different machine architectures

Functions and classes for dealing with wave files


Functions for dealing with binary data


Functions to convert between measurement types


Various cryptography functions and tools.
This package requires BouncyCastle at runtime.
1. Code to simplify usage of DES, 3DES, RSA
2. Code to simplify usage of MD5 and SHA
3. Code for cipher streams including Galois and Fibonacci
4. Toolkit for basic steganography
5. Toolkit for dealing with PKI data

Functions for Big Data including statistics and probability


Simple DSP functions
1. Simple audio mixer
2. Band pass filter
3. Frequency translator
4. Gain controller
5. Tone generator


Functions for different encoding types


Standard Fast Fourier Transform code

Code for standard game functions
1. Simple implementation of a card deck


Functions for dealing with distance calculation


Functions for geometry calculations


Various advanced math calculations
1. Field of view calculator
2. Vector functions
3. Interpolation and easing functions


Calculations related to the science of physics


Functions to export data vectors easily into R language


Code shared among other packages