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Django and Sphinx documentation

This Django application allows you to integrate any Sphinx documentation directly into your Django powered website instead of just serving the static files.

Django-sphinxdoc can handle multiple Sphinx projects and offers a Haystack powered search. Future versions will enable comments and add RSS feeds.


This app is tested with Django 1.1 and 1.2. You also need Sphinx >= 1.0 and Haystack.


You can either install this app with PIP (or easy_install):

$ pip install django-sphinxdoc
$ # or:
$ easy_install django-sphinxdoc

or download and install it manually:

$ cd where/you/put/django-sphinxdoc/
$ python install

Use this URL for cloning if you want to install this app in development mode.


The Documentation can be found in the docs/ directory or online.