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Here is a list of research papers related to Alto.

  • Koller & Kuhlmann, IWPT 2011: Explains the basic IRTG formalism and sketches the basic parsing algorithm.
  • Koller & Kuhlmann, TAG+ 2012: Shows how tree-adjoining grammars (TAGs) can be expressed as IRTGs, and discusses TAG parsing from the perspective of IRTGs. (The algebras from this paper are implemented in Alto.)
  • B├╝chse et al., ACL 2013: Introduces a generic binarization algorithm for IRTGs. (The algorithm is implemented in Alto).
  • Engonopoulos & Koller, INLG 2014: Uses IRTGs as synchronous grammars that directly interprets strings as their model-theoretic semantic denotations, and uses them in natural language generation.
  • Koller, IWCS 2015: Shows how graph languages can be described using IRTGs, and walks through a number of linguistically reasonable grammars for graph-based semantic construction.
  • Groschwitz et al., ACL 2015: Explains the graph algebra implemented in Alto, and applies it to graph parsing.