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alto / Supertagging

Supertagging in Alto

Alto has experimental support for supertagging in the alto_supertagging fork.

To parse sentences with a TAG grammar using the supertagger, you need the following files:

  • A Tensorflow model bundle representing the trained supertagger. This can be created from a trained model using the script in the nTagM package.
  • The output vocabulary file that was created when training the supertagger.
  • A file with word embeddings for the input words - in particular, glove.6B.200d.txt. The file may be gzipped to save a few hundred MB of disk space.
  • The Chen grammar (d6.clean.f.str).
  • A supertagger configuration file (e.g. config_dropbox.yaml), which specifies (among other things) the filenames of the output vocabulary and the word embeddings.