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 * All keyboard shortcuts are customizable
 * Better separation of runtime fantom env VS deploy/index env
 * Alt+Space for quicly switching between last 2 files
-* New File command
+* Commands: New File, Delete File, Move/Rename, Find+Replace etc...
 * Recognzing projects structured as prj/src/.... (rebasing root)
 * Recognizing pod groups and pods and showing as such in navigators
 * Support for building pod groups
 * Sorted slot lists
 * Support for switching betwen multiple configs(Fantom envs) : configs_myenv1.props etc ...
 * Many bug fixes
+* And more .... see commit logs for details
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 Bug: When going in the text area, the first keystroke is lost (gains focus but do not act on the keystroke)
+podspace nav : always show pods first (top) ??