Thibaut Colar  committed ef968b1

Fix for goto command when having to create a new space

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File src/brie/fan/

       c := create(item)
       if (c == null) { echo("WARN: Cannot create space $item.dis"); return }
-        load(c, null, item)
+        load(c.goto(item), null, item)
+Nav -> right click: find in space (so don't need to open file to do it)
+delete file
+rename file
+duplicate file
+find/replace .. local / global
+when file/pd nav is used, highlight current file and stay on it (not reset navbar each time)
+or when open file -> highlight in navbar / scroll to
+Bocce: Ctrl+A -> select all
+Have the console scroll
+allow copy from console output
+stack trace links in console ?
+quick fantom env switcher ? env manager / (update config & reload)
+options -> switch config -> conf1, conf2, conf3 (fanHomeUri, srcDirs, podDirs)
+or juts options2.conf ?
+checkmark next to cur config