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What you will find in the JavaOntracks package, is a single easy to use jar file(API) with no dependencies whatsoever(well besides Java), and lots of features/utilities that would normally require many packages and configuration files to get them working. What you will not get, is a bloated, undocumented, overcomplicated software, requiring you to install lots of other software pieces to get it to work. And best of all, in my opinion, no XML files to configure whatsoever.


  • Framework / Flow / MVC
  • Controller, view, builtin views, forms, generated forms etc... widgets / ajax / map widget etc... Filter ... error infos ?
  • A File Uploading / MultiPart Form API, custom made, open source Java code, to support file uploading from a browser.
  • A Server-side File browsing/uploading API, to allow browsing/uploading/downloading on the J2EE server.
  • A Request Counter, to be used to detect overuse/attacks of your application.
  • A Basic Http server [DOC TBD] which can serve static content and is very lightweight and extensible.
  • A JOT web applications server [DOC TBD] which can server JavaOnTrack web-apps without the need for a full fledge J2EE engine.

DB / Persistance features

JavaOnTracks has a whole simple database abstraction layer, well actually it has more than 1 layer, here are what each layer does / provides

  • DB SQL layer

This is the "lower level" layer, it uses JDBC as it's based and handles the SQL database connections and provides a pooling mechanism, as well as the the low level "raw" SQL queries, usually you should use the "persistance" layer rather than this directly.

  • DB "Persistance" Layer [DOC TBD]

This is the abstraction layer, that decouples from the SQL language, it provides a generic API to handle simple common database transaction and buliding generic queries. It manages Database objects in a generic form/model (JOTModel). It allows transparent use of an SQL database as well as the JavaOntrack simple Built-in database.

  • DB CRUD / DB driven forms [DOC TBD]

You can provide simple CRUD functionality from a web page using a JOTDBForm with minimal effort. We also provide some "base" classes to use the DB for user authentication, since most webapp needs this. Other Features

  • A Javadoc Doclet to generate nicer HTML output than the standard Javadoc tool.
  • A CAPTCHA Generator that does not require a graphic environment/AWT.
  • A Scheduler which allows you to schedule jobs to run at interval or particular times(cron like).
  • A Basic Testing API to add lightweight test cases to your code (like a lightweight JUnit).
  • A Simple Search Engine / Indexer for indexing/searching text documents.
  • Some other Utilities such as a basic email sending program and copying folders, zipping etc...
  • A basic Preference/Properties manager, to simply load data from property files.
  • A Simple Logging API that requires very little configuration.
  • Some Anti-Spam functions, for example to encode an email address into hexadecimal/Javascript code.
  • A Generic template parser [DOC TBD], which allow you to easily templatize your content and parse it on the fly.