wmFrog / wmfrog / CHANGES

Version         Description
0.3.1           11/30/2010: Cleanup/Rewrite. Better event loop, less CPU use, cleaner code
0.3.0           11/29/2010: Fixed clouds/wind parsing issues
0.2.2		08/27/2010 : Fixed wind parsing
0.2.1		08/2010 : Fixed possible buffer overflows as reported by Petr Pisar / Jim Ramsey
		Fixed for change in weather format as reported bt Ben Parees
0.2.0           Fixed potential security risk, by storing temp data in ~/.wmapps/ rather than /tmp
0.1.6		*** Application name changed to wmfrog instead of wmFrog ***
		Man page added by Marc Brockschmidt
		Change where made to the data fetching script, so that no more eroneous temperatures should be reported (visibility as fractions problems)
		Debian package creation, Makefile cleanup, etc.
0.1.5		Fixed CPU deadlock (100% use)
		Failed retrieval keeps previous values valid
		Invalid values are ignored
0.1.4		Fix bug when temp > 100F
		Added the "Label" option
0.1.3		Updated for new NOAA website
0.1.2		Fixed Artwork artifacts and Makefile.
		Removed strsep dependency.
0.1.1           Artwork from Mathieu Roy
		UTC time by default.
		"make install" added.
0.1.0		First Release.
0.0.9		Added parameters.