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removed logging

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File plugin/

 import tempfile
 import re
-import logging
 import ropemode.decorators
 import ropemode.environment
 import ropemode.interface
 import vim
-#Initialize loggin module
-LOG_FILENAME = 'debug.log'
-#logging.basicConfig(filename=LOG_FILENAME, level=logging.DEBUG)
 class VimUtils(ropemode.environment.Environment):
     def ask(self, prompt, default=None, starting=None):
         if starting is None:
     def ask_values(self, prompt, values, default=None,
                    starting=None, show_values=None):
-        logging.debug("VimUtils: ask_values")
-        logging.debug("prompt: %s", prompt)
-        logging.debug("values: %s", values)
-        logging.debug("default: %s", default)
-        logging.debug("starting: %s", starting)
-        logging.debug("show_values: %s", show_values)
         if show_values or (show_values is None and len(values) < 14):
         if default is not None:
             prompt = prompt + ('[%s] ' % default)
         starting = starting or ''
-        logging.debug("setting the values")
         _completer.values = values
-        logging.debug("calling the RopeValueCompleter")
         answer = call('input("%s", "%s", "customlist,RopeValueCompleter")' %
                       (prompt, starting))
-        logging.debug("after RopeValueCompleter")
-        logging.debug("answer: %s", answer)
         if answer is None:
             if 'cancel' in values:
                 return 'cancel'
         return call('input("%s", ".", "dir")' % prompt)
     def ask_completion(self, prompt, values, starting=None):
-        logging.debug("ask_completion")
-        logging.debug(values)
         if self.get('vim_completion') and 'i' in call('mode()'):
             if not self.get('extended_complete', False):
                 proposals = u','.join(u"'%s'" % self._completion_text(proposal)
     def _extended_completion(self, proposal):
         # we are using extended complete and return dicts instead of strings.
         # `ci` means "completion item". see `:help complete-items`
-        logging.debug("_extended_completion")
-        logging.debug(proposal)
         ci = {'word':}
         scope = proposal.scope[0].upper()
     def __call__(self, arg_lead, cmd_line, cursor_pos):
-        logging.debug("__call__ in _ValueCompleter")
-        logging.debug(cmd_line)
-        logging.debug(arg_lead)
-        logging.debug(cursor_pos)
-        logging.debug("values")
-        logging.debug(self.values)
         #don't know if self.values can be 0 but better safe then sorry
         if len(self.values) > 0:
             if type(self.values[0]) != type('str'):