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 * Write reST in separate files
 * Tell Sphinx to compile them into Flask's {{{static}}} folder.
 ** Run [[https://bitbucket.org/tcorbettclark/rest-api-blueprint/src/tip/make_apidocs.sh|make_apidocs.sh]]
-** The examples are generated by running against the real server, thus automatically ensure accuracy
+** The examples are generated using the [[http://packages.python.org/sphinxcontrib-programoutput|programoutput]] extension to run against the server, thus automatically ensuring accuracy. Beware that the extension caches outputs...
 * Redirect HTTP GET for {{{text/html}}} to the appropriate page
-See [[https://bitbucket.org/tcorbettclark/rest-api-blueprint/src/tip/apidocs|apidocs]] for details. Beware that:
-* Bitbucket does not understand all the directives, so browse the {{{.rst}}} files in raw mode.
-* The command-output plugin used to generate up to date examples caches the output from commands and so only runs them once. The key to the cache is the command itself...
+See [[https://bitbucket.org/tcorbettclark/rest-api-blueprint/src/tip/apidocs|apidocs]] for details. Beware that Bitbucket does not understand all the directives so it is best to browse the {{{.rst}}} files in raw mode (or just download the repo and view locally).