=== jack_portlist ===
Copyright (c) 2011 Tobias Dammers
Use at your own risk.

--- Requirements ---
- jackd2 (
- libjack
- development files for libjack
- a functional C build environment

--- Installation ---
Download source, compile using something like:

	g++ main.c -o jack_portlist -ljack

Then move the resulting executable somewhere convenient.

--- Usage ---
Run jack_portlist from a command line; it will spit out a raw list of
currently available jack ports. If the default jack server isn't running,
you'll receive an error message.
To do clever stuff with the output, use the usual suspects (sort, grep, 
sed, and the rest of the zoo). It's probably a good idea to mute stderr
messages for these purposes, e.g.:

	jack_portlist 2> /dev/null