=== LYINDENT ===
Source code indenter for Lilypond sources

Written by Tobias Dammers, Copyright (c) 2011

--- Requirements: ---
* gcc (including ld)
* libc
* GNU make
* sed
Tested on debian GNU/Linux; any other Unix-like OS should also work. 
To compile in windows, you might want to try MinGW, a Windows port of
gcc; you will also need a compatible version of `make'. To compile from 
mercurial sources, you also need `sed', which should be fairly standard on
any Unix-like system, and mercurial, which is available for most platforms.

--- How to compile: ---
* checkout from bitbucket into a directory of your choice:
	$ hg clone
* cd into that directory
	$ cd lyindent
* if `/usr/local/bin' is not on your path (it is on most Linux/Unix 
  systems), edit the Makefile to point to the desired install location
* run "make"
	$ make
* as root, run "make install"
	$ sudo make install
* check if everything works:
	$ lyindent --version

You can uninstall later by running "make uninstall".

--- How to use: ---
Normal usage:

	$ lyindent -o

Where and are your desired input and output files. Note
that these should not be the same file, as lyindent doesn't currently 
support in-place processing.

The following is equivalent, but uses pipes to send data around:

	$ cat lyindent | lyindent >

lyindent can also be used as a pipe filter, that is, you can pipe the 
output from any shell command through it, just like you would with 
`sort' or `less'. If you are using vim (or some other vi clone), you 
can use this facility to call lyindent from inside vi - just type 


in command mode, or 


in visual mode to (re-)indent the current document or selection.