=== NOTATOR ===
A sheet music processor

Copyright (c) 2011 Tobias Dammers
All rights reserved.

For licensing information, please refer to the enclosed LICENSE file.

--- debian squeeze ---
1. Get the build requirements:
   - ghc, the Glasgow Haskell Compiler, version 6.12.1 or newer
   - libcairo
   - the Graphics.Rendering.Cairo package (Haskell bindings for libcairo)
   - the Text.ParserCombinators.Parsec package (Haskell's Parsec library)
   - GNU make
   For debian, this means you need to install these packages:

	ghc6 libghc6-cairo-dev libghc6-parsec2-dev make

   If you want to build the documentation, you will also need:
   - xsltproc
   - the DocBook to HTML XSL stylesheets
   - DBLatex (to generate PDF documentation)
   The debian packages:

   	xsltproc docbook-xsl dblatex

	You will also need a suitable music font; no font is included in the source
	distribution itself, but several third-party fonts should work well:
	- Musical Symbols, available for free (as in beer) download somewhere on
	  the internet. It's a bit unclear what you are and aren't allowed to do
	  with this font, or what the exact license terms are.
	- One of the proprietary fonts that ship with Finale: Petrucci, Maestro,
	  or Engraver. If you own a copy of Finale, you should have one or more of
	  these on your system.
	- The shareware Fughetta font, available at
	  This font can be used free of charge for personal use; it lacks a few
	  symbols that Notator will substitute from a suitable serif font, which 
	  means dynamics will not look pretty.
	Neither of these is compatible with Notator's licensing model, which is why
	I can't include them in the distribution myself.

2. Build notator.
	cd into notator's /src directory and type:
	$ make
	And then, as root:
	$ make install
	This will install notator into /usr/local; to uninstall, use:
	$ make uninstall

3. Build examples.
	cd into notator's /examples and type `make'.

4. Build documentation.
	cd into notator's /doc directory and type `make'. This will build html and
	PDF documentation.