PHPaco, a PHP implementation of the Paco template language.

Copyright, License etc.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Tobias Dammers. All rights reserved.

PHPaco is released under a BSD-style license; see the enclosed LICENSE for

Where to get it:

Clone the git repo at

How to use it:

The repo includes a command-line utility called phpaco, which requires a
working installation of PHP (including the CLI version). Type `phpaco -h`
to see the available options.

The phpaco utility can compile Paco sources into its intermediate JSON-Lisp
format ('compile mode'; details about the intermediate format can be found in
doc/JSONLISP), interpret JSON-Lisp files ('run mode'), and both steps in one go
('interpret mode'; keeping the intermediate format in memory). Run mode should
also be able to handle JSON-Lisp produced by other tools, or even hand-written

PHPaco can also be used as a library; to do this, just `require_once` the
`Paco.php` file in the project root, then use \Paco\Parser and / or
\Paco\Interpreter to perform your desired processing.