Anonymous committed 566bb9f

[i18n] use relative path from output directory for source path.

This commit reverts part of 5976facae92c commit:
Refactor comment generating code for message catalogs.

The commit says "Refactor" but it changes original code behavior.
In original code, start path for path.relpath() is self.outdir but
in refactored code, start path for path.relpath() is self.srcdir.

It should be self.outdir not self.srcdir to improve po-mode.el
support. po-mode.el has "po-cycle-source-reference" command. It
search source code relative from .po file directory.

See also::

Program source files are usually found relative to where the PO
file stands. As a special provision, when this fails, the file
is also looked for, but relative to the directory immediately
above it.

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                     # generate "#: file1:line1 file2:line2 ..."
                     pofile.write(u"#: %s\n" % ", ".join("%s:%s" %
-                        (path.relpath(source, self.srcdir), line)
+                        (path.relpath(source, self.outdir), line)
                         for source, line, _ in positions))
                     # generate "# uuid1\n# uuid2\n ..."
                     pofile.write(u"# %s\n" % "\n# ".join(uid for _, _, uid
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