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CodeCollaborator for ClearCase UCM

:Author: Miki Tebeka <>
:Version: _VERSION_

.. contents::

These are wrapper tools around CodeCollaborator_ to make it play nice with
ClearCase UCM.

Please note that uploading the files takes a *looooong* time, be patient :)

You need clear case install with `cleartool` in PATH

  We work under the assumption that the "life span" of an activity does not
  cross delivery. Meaning that you can deliver an activity only once.

Code Collaborator Client
You need Code Collaborator Client [#]_ installed with `ccollab` in PATH.

1. Make sure you have a user in `QCT CodeCollaborator server`_ [#]_
2. Download the `command line client`_ and install it
3. Run `ccollab set collab <login>` (where
   `<login>` is your login name)

Just run the installer_.

The Tools

This tool lets you to pick files from the next delivery activities and submit them for review.

    Developer branch must be rebased before starting the tool.

UCMCC - Baseline
This tools let you select baselines to compare and create a review from them.


Version _VERSION_ (20/08/2006)

* Allow to login as different user
* Code improvements

For full list of changes see the ChangeLog_

Known Bugs
* If a file was added the "old" version is an empty file
* Due to bug in `ccollab` utility we don't know if the upload of the files

To build you will need the following tools:

* Python from
* wxPython from
* A `make` utility [4]_
* Unix like utilities: `cp`, `sed`, `zip`, `mkdir` and `rm` [4]_
* ReStructuredText from
* InnoSetup installer from

When you have all of the above just run `make`, to build the installer run
`make installer`.

See `LICENSE.txt`_ [#]_


.. [#] *Not* Code Collaborator Windows Client
.. [#] You can do it from the `QCT CodeCollaborator server`_, or ask Miki_ for help
.. [#] BSD license.
.. [4] You can get all of these if you install Cygwin_ or UnxUtils_

.. _ChangeLog: ChangeLog
.. _CodeCollaborator:
.. _Cygwin:
.. _Miki:
.. _UnxUtils:
.. _`LICENSE.txt`: LICENSE.txt
.. _`command line client`:
.. _installer: ucmcc__VERSION__setup.exe
.. _QCT CodeCollaborator server:

.. comment: vim:ft=rst spell