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Miki Tebeka f9d486a 
# digest

`digest` - Message digest library for Clojure. Providing md5, sha-256, ...

There are several digest function (such as `md5`, `sha-256` ...) in this
namespace. Each can handle the following input types:

* java.lang.String
* byte array
* Sequence of byte array

# Usage

    user=> (require 'digest)
    ; On a string
    user=> (digest/md5 "foo")
    ; On a file
    user=> (use '
    user=> (digest/sha-256 (as-file "/tmp/hello.txt"))

# Installation
Add `[digest "1.4.4"]` to your `project.clj`.

# Builds!/tebeka/clj-digest

# License
Copyright&copy; 2014 Miki Tebeka <>

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.