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map reduce

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+(ns ^{:doc "In memory map/reduce framework"
+      :author "Miki Tebeka <miki.tebeka@gmail.com>"}
+  mapreduce)
+(defn- flatten1 
+  "Flatten one level"
+  [lst]
+  (mapcat identity lst))
+(defn map-stage 
+  "Run the map stage, calls mapper on every record.
+  (mapper record) should return a sequence of [key value] pairs.
+  The result is aggregaattion of {k1 [v1 v2] k2 [v3] ...}"
+  [mapper records]
+  (let [results (flatten1 (pmap mapper records))]
+    (reduce (fn [prev [k v]] (assoc prev k (cons v (prev k)))) {} results)))
+(defn reduce-stage 
+  "Run reducer on results of map stage.
+  Reducer gets called with key and values, and return a single value"
+  [reducer map-result]
+  (let [ks (keys map-result)]
+    (zipmap ks (pmap #(reducer % (map-result %)) ks))))
+(defn map-reduce 
+  "Run mapper and reducer on records.
+  The result is {k1 v1 k2 v2 ...}"
+  [mapper reducer records]
+  (reduce-stage reducer (map-stage mapper records)))
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