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+Dude, Remember!
-* A TODO list where you add items by sending SMS.
-* Using Twilio for telephony, mongodb for database and compojure for web backend.
-* Might be an entry in Twilio's competition_.
-.. _competition:  http://bit.ly/cJKQd0
+A TODO list where you add items by sending SMS or calling. Then view them on the web.
-Register at `/register`_. Then send SMS to the site phone number.
-To look at your messages, visit `/login`_
+Login and update our phone number. Then call or send SMS to the application
+phone number.
-.. _`/register`: http://localhost:8000/register
-.. _`/login`: http://localhost:8000/login
-* Install MongoDB
-    * On Ubuntu run `aptitdue install mongodb`
-    * There are installers at http://www.mongodb.org/downloads 
 * Install Java
-* Install need leiningen, see instructions `at the web site`_.
+* Install leiningen, see instructions `at the web site`_.
+* Download the `appengine Java SDK`_ and unpack at your home folder
 * Run `lein deps`
-* Run `./run.sh` to run the server
 .. _`at the web site`: http://github.com/technomancy/leiningen
+.. _`appengine Java SDK`: http://bit.ly/98YNtz 
+* Run `./run-local.sh` to run the server, then visit http://localhost:8080
+* You can uncomment the `_eval` routes to debug while running
+* If you want REPL ::
+    $lein repl
+    "REPL started; server listening on localhost:33824."
+    user=> (require '[appengine.environment :as env])
+    nil
+    user=> (env/init-repl)
+    nil
+    user=> (require '[appengine.datastore :as ds])   
+    nil
+    user=> (ds/select "message")
+    ()
+    user=> 
+`lein test` (nothing much there *yet*)
+* Clojure source under `src`
+* Static files (also JS and CSS) under `war/static`
+* Appengine definitions under `war/WEB-INF`
-* Support voice (and transcribe)
 * Imporve UI
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