fastavro / ChangeLog

2012-01-25 version 0.4.1
    * Several files in command line
    * Output encoding
    * Conditional build of extension (from simplejson)

2012-01-25 version 0.4.0
    * fastavro.reader
    * Include README.rst in sdist package

2012-01-24 version 0.3.2
    * Fixed read_array (issue #2)

2012-01-24 version 0.3.1
    * Fixed read_enum (issue #1)

2012-01-23 version 0.3.0
    * Distribute generate C file (idea by Juan)

2012-01-11 version 0.2.2
    * Long description
    * Get version from fastavro/

2012-01-11 version 0.2.1
    * --schema

2012-01-11 version 0.2.0
    * Optionally use Cython (more speedup)

2012-01-05 version 0.1.0
    * Initial release
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