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Miki Tebeka  committed 5f30c72

Adding :id to entries

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      :categories (into [] (map #(.getName %) (.getCategories e)))
      :content-type (.getMode content)
      :content (.getValue content)
+     :id (.getUri e)
      :link (.getLink e)
      :published (.getPublishedDate e)
      :title (.getTitle e)

File test/feedme_test.clj

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         feed (parse uri)]
     (is (count (feed :entries)) 35)
     (is (:title feed) "Private Feed for mikitebeka")
+    (is (:id (nth (:entries feed) 0)) 
+        "tag:github.com,2008:PushEvent/153032941")
     (is (:title (nth (:entries feed) 0)) 
         "sah pushed to master at saucelabs/sauce")))