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+2011-01-10 version 0.1.1
+    * Added "walk"
-(defproject fs "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"
+(defproject fs "0.1.1-SNAPSHOT"
   :description "File system utilities for clojure"
   :url ""
   :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.2.0"]])
 (ns ^{:doc "File system utilities in Clojure"
       :author "Miki Tebeka <>"}
+  (:require [ :as zip])
 (def separator File/separator)
+(defn- strinfify [file]
+  (.getCanonicalPath file))
 (defn listdir
   "List files under path."
-  (seq (.list (File. path))))
+  (map strinfify (seq (.list (File. path)))))
 (defn executable?
   "Return true if path is executable."
 (defn normpath
   "Return nomralized (canonical) path."
-  (.getCanonicalPath (File. path)))
+  (strinfify (File. path)))
 (defn basename
   "Return basename (file part) of path.\n\t(basename \"/a/b/c\") -> \"c\""
   (abspath "."))
-; FIXME: ...
-;(defn dir-seq [root]
+; walk helper functions
+(defn- w-directory? [f]
+  (.isDirectory f))
+(defn- w-file? [f]
+  (.isFile f))
+(defn- w-children [f]
+  (.listFiles f))
+(defn- w-base [f]
+  (.getName f))
+(defn walk [path func]
+  "Walk over directory structure. Calls 'func' with [root dirs files]"
+  (loop [loc (zip/zipper w-directory? w-children nil (File. path))]
+    (when (not (zip/end? loc))
+      (let [file (zip/node loc)]
+        (if (w-file? file)
+          (recur (zip/next loc))
+          (let [kids (w-children file)
+                dirs (map w-base (filter w-directory? kids))
+                files (map w-base (filter w-file? kids))]
+            (func (strinfify file) dirs files)
+            (recur (zip/next loc))))))))
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