fs/as-file fails on java.io.File args

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If you have a real File, the calls to the internal fs/as-file will fail with an error like this:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No matching method found: substring for class java.io.File

Here's a test to show the problem:

(deftest test-with-real-java-file
(is (file? (tempfile)))
(is (directory? (tempdir)))
(is (file? (java.io.File. (tempfile))))
(is (directory? (java.io.File. (tempdir)))))

A quick and dirty fix is to add a line to fs/as-file to handle non-strings.

(defn- as-file [path]
(= path "") (io/as-file "")
(= path ".") (io/as-file cwd)

;; FIX below
(not (string? path)) (io/as-file path)
;; end FIX

(= (.substring path 0 1) *separator*) (io/as-file path)
:else (io/as-file (join *cwd* path))))

A better fix is use io/as-file earlier and deal with the java.io.File to test for relative versus absolute. The test for the separator as the root makes sense on Unix, but not Windows.

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