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CT-42 updated revision number to 0.1.3

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+2013-07-29 version 0.1.3
+    * suites added (using package name as suite name)
 2013-06-18 version 0.1.2
     * testcases node added for bamboo compatibility, some dummy change. 
     * xml generation now use template engine
-go2xunit 0.1.1
+go2xunit 0.1.3
 Converts `go test -v` output to xunit compatible XML output (used in
 	passPrefix  = "--- PASS: "
 	failPrefix  = "--- FAIL: "
-	version = "0.1.2"
+	version = "0.1.3"
 // "end of test" regexp for name and time, examples:
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