go2xunit / ChangeLog

2013-10-21 version 0.2.4
    * Handle passing suites (cee-dub in github pull #3)

2013-09-27 version 0.2.3
    * Handle [no test files] (issue #4)

2013-09-17 version 0.2.2
    * Add "testsuites" when multiple (issue #3)

2013-09-14 version 0.2.1
    * More code cleanup

2013-09-14 version 0.2.0
    * gocheck support
    * Some cleanup

2013-07-29 version 0.1.3
    * suites added (using package name as suite name)

2013-06-18 version 0.1.2
    * testcases node added for bamboo compatibility, some dummy change. 
    * xml generation now use template engine

2012-07-23 version 0.1.1
    * Fix edge case with FAIL (thanks Thomas Pelletier)

2012-04-06 version 0.1.0
    * Initial release
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