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Login and less copy

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 EOF = chr(4)
 class PyHandler(StreamRequestHandler):
+    password = None
+    env = {}
     def handle(self):
         env = self.env.copy()
         self.wfile.write("Welcome to ingress (type 'exit()' to exit)\n")
+        if not self.login():
+            return
         while True:
                 self.wfile.write(">>> ")
             except Exception as e:
+    def login(self):
+        if not self.password:
+            return True
+        for i in range(3):
+            self.wfile.write("Password: ")
+            password = self.rfile.readline().strip()
+            if password == self.password:
+                return True
+            self.wfile.write("Bad password\n")
+        return False
 class ThreadedServer(ThreadingMixIn, TCPServer):
     daemon_threads = True
+    allow_reuse_address = True
-def server_thread(env, port):
+def server_thread(env, port, password=None):
     # Create a new handler class for this with it's own env
     class Handler(PyHandler):
-    Handler.env = env.copy()
+    Handler.env = env
+    Handler.password = password
     server = ThreadedServer(("localhost", port), Handler)
-def install(env=None, port=DEFAULT_PORT):
+def install(env=None, port=DEFAULT_PORT, password=None):
     env = env or {}
-    t = Thread(target=server_thread, args=(env, port))
+    t = Thread(target=server_thread, args=(env, port, password))
     t.daemon = True
     parser = ArgumentParser(description="Run demo server.")
     parser.add_argument("-p", "--port", help="port to listen",
+    parser.add_argument("-l", "--login", help="login password",
+                        default=None)
     args = parser.parse_args(argv[1:])
-    t = install(port=args.port)
+    t = install(port=args.port, password=args.login)
     print("Serving on port {0}".format(args.port))
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