pythonwise /

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Watch builds on buildbot and publish to twitter

from time import time, sleep
from xmlrpclib import ServerProxy
from urllib import urlopen

user, password = "tebeka", "SECRET_PASSWORD"
bbot_url = ""
tweet_url = "" % (user, password)

def main():
    proxy = ServerProxy(bbot_url)
    last_time = time()

    while 1:
        now = time()
        builds = proxy.getAllBuildsInInterval(last_time, now)
        for build in builds:
            builder, build, status = build[0], build[1], build[5]
            status = "OK" if status == "success" else "BROKEN"
            message = "[%s] build %s is %s" % (builder, build, status)
            urlopen(tweet_url, "status=%s" % message)

        last_time = now if builds else last_time

if __name__ == "__main__":
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