pythonwise / svnfind

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Find paths matching directories in subversion repository

__author__ = "Miki Tebeka <>"

# * Limit search depth
# * Add option to case [in]sensitive
# * Handling of svn errors
# * Support more of "find" predicates (-type, -and, -mtime ...)
# * Another porject: Pre index (using swish-e ...) and update only from
#   changelog

from os import popen

def join(path1, path2):
   if not path1.endswith("/"):
       path1 += "/"
   return "%s%s" % (path1, path2)

def svn_walk(root):
   command = "svn ls '%s'" % root
   for path in popen(command):
       path = join(root, path.strip())
       yield path
       if path.endswith("/"): # A directory
           for subpath in svn_walk(path):
                   yield subpath

def main(argv=None):
   if argv is None:
       import sys
       argv = sys.argv

   import re
   from itertools import ifilter
   from optparse import OptionParser

   parser = OptionParser("usage: %prog PATH EXPR")

   opts, args = parser.parse_args(argv[1:])
   if len(args) != 2:
       parser.error("wrong number of arguments") # Will exit

   path, expr = args
       pred = re.compile(expr, re.I).search
   except re.error:
       raise SystemExit("error: bad search expression: %s" % expr)

   found = 0
   for path in ifilter(pred, svn_walk(path)):
       found = 1
       print path

   if not found:
       raise SystemError("error: nothing matched %s" % expr)

if __name__ == "__main__":
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