pythonwise / hiveloc

# Show location in HDFS of a Hive table

case $1 in
    -h | --help ) echo "usage: $(basename $0) TABLE"; exit;;

if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then
    $0 -h
    exit 1

# Store stderr to display error
# Cleanup the error file
trap "rm -f ${err}" EXIT INT

out=$(hive client -S -e "DESCRIBE EXTENDED ${1}" 2>${err})

# Of course hive won't return error to the os, assume empty output is error
if [ -z "${out}" ]; then
    cat ${err}
    exit 1

# We're looking for something like 
# location:hdfs://nameservice1/user/beeswax/warehouse/people,
echo "${out}" | \
    egrep -o 'location:[^,]+' | \
    sed 's/location://'
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