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seamless is a TCP proxy that allow you to deploy new code then switch traffic to new backend without downtime.

Switching backends is done with HTTP interface (on a different port) with the following API:

switch traffic to new backend
return (in plain text) current server


  • Start first backend at port 4444

  • Run

    seamless 8080 localhost:4444
  • Direct all traffic to port 8080 on local machine.

When you need to upgrade the backend, start a new one (with new code on a different port, say 4445). Then:

curl http://localhost:6777/switch?backend=localhost:4445

(Note that management port is different from the one we proxy).


You can download a statically linked executable at the downloads section.

Or if you have a Go development environment, you can

go get


Miki Tebeka <> or here.