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selenium - Selenium Client For Go


This is a Selenium client for Go. Currently it supports only the remote WebDriver client, so you'll need a selenium server running.



go get


Docs are at


GetHTTPClient exposes the HTTP client used by the driver. You can access it to add the request context.

func myRequestHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
    selenium.GetHTTPClient().Transport = &urlfetch.Transport{
        Context:  appengine.NewContext(r),
        Deadline: 30 * time.Second,

Thanks to bthomson for this one.


See here.


  • Support Firefox profiles
  • Finish full Selenium API.
  • More testing
  • Selenium 1 client
  • Our own server for testing (getting out takes too much time)
  • SauceLabs integration


  • You'll need a Selenium server to run the tests, run download to get it and start to run it.
  • Test with ./
  • I (Miki) work on dev branch since go get pull from default.



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