selenium / ChangeLog

2012-03-29 version 0.4.0
    * Fix bug in /status
    * timeouts are in time.Duration

2012-02-13 version 0.3.0
    * Go 1
    * Compatible with `go get`
    * README teaks

2011-09-27 version 0.2.2
    * All keys from

2011-09-27 version 0.2.1
    * Capabilities, SetAsyncScriptTimeout, SetImplicitWaitTimeout, CloseWindow
    * IME commands
    * Use selenium 2.7.0 for testing

2011-09-21 version 0.2.0
    * Moved profileDir out of NewRemote

2011-09-07 version 0.1.3
    * Local test server, SauceLabs disabled
    * Added
    * Stop tests on first error (t.Error -> t.Fatal)

2011-09-06 version 0.1.2
    * Tests running on SauceLabs
    * More lax content-type checking
    * Pass Capabilities (not *Capabilties)

2011-09-04 version 0.1.1
    * Screenshot

2011-09-04 version 0.1.0
    * Initial release
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