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+# Compile a go program, foo.go will be compiled to foogo
+if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then
+    echo "usage: $(basename $0) SRC"
+    exit 1
+6g -o $tmp $src
+6l -o ${src/.go/go} $tmp
+rm $tmp
+package main
+func main() {
     program(["javac", ""], ["java", "noop"], name="java"),
     program(["gmcs", "-optimize+", "noop.cs"], ["./noop.exe"], name="mono"),
     program(["ghc", "-v0", "-O", "-o", "noophs", "noop.hs"], ["./noophs"]),
+    program(["./", "noop.go"], ["./noopgo"], name="go"),
 def timeit(command):
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