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 '''Simple launcher'''
 __author__ = "Miki Tebeka <>"
-__version__ = "0.3.2"
+__version__ = "0.3.3"
 import Tkinter as tk
 from tkFont import Font
         self.root = root = tk.Tk()
+        root.option_add("*font", "Courier -40 bold")
         root.bind("<Escape>", lambda e: self.quit())
-        font = Font(family="Courier", size=40, weight="bold")
-        self.command = cmd = tk.Entry(root, width=20, font=font)
+        self.command = cmd = tk.Entry(root, width=20)
         cmd.bind("<Return>", self.on_enter)
         cmd.bind("<Up>", lambda e: self.on_move(-1))
             launch(command, args, self.aliases)
         except ValueError:
-            showerror("TLL Error", "Can't launch %s" % command)
+            showerror("TLL Error", "Can't run %s" % command)
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